Your incompetence could make you wealthy…here’s how

Face it, you are incompetent.Someone has to tell you the truth. Get angry with me, I can take it! It doesn’t feel good to hear the truth, but this time incompetence is a good thing.    @#%$?

I want to challenge you again to a new perspective. The perspective that incompetence is great and you should love every minute of it. I do.

So… in my outside voice while pointing my finger I shout “YOU ARE INCOMPETENT!”

Your first reaction may be anger.

The second may be to defend yourself to its lie. The third reaction is realizing its truth. The fourth reaction is thinking about all the areas of your incompetence and laughing hysterically at yourself. Once you get to level #4 you can begin to see the light. You may come to enjoy being incompetent in many areas. Its fun to allow other people to step in where you fall short.

Is it really possible to be competent at everything? As an entrepreneur I want to say yes because sometimes we are forced to do everything at first. You are the sales person, the producer, the bookkeeper, the repairman, etc. At first this plan works because it has to, but that should change over time. The question is “Has it changed?” Lets face the facts, if you were competent at everything you would continue to do it all yourself. I’m tired just thinking about it. Think of all the downsides… you wouldn’t have any friends because you became that annoying know-it-all. Your business becomes a dreaded job. The economy would be further damaged since you’re hoarding all the jobs. Finally, you are limiting your income potential dramatically. Please turn over a new leaf and accept your incompetence with joy.

For so many entrepreneurs like yourself you are still doing way to much to enjoy your business.

When I learned to love the areas of my own incompetence it made living a fully alive, satisfied life, possible. I began to see opportunities for more competent people to step in and lend a hand. Realizing you are incompetent in most areas of life feels good because it gives permission to be extremely competent in the areas of your giftedness.

You have permission, I grant it to you, to be incompetent. The pressure to be perfect at everything is finally off. I just cut the ball and chain from your ankle, you’re welcome!

What you will find is wealth beyond measure.

Deeper relationships

Greater productivity


Inner strength

Less frustration with yourself and others

Relying on other people builds relationships, and relationships in business build profits.

The level of your incompetence will determine the size of your company and the number of hours you work.

Action time:

Write down all the things you take responsibility for:






Next, circle the two items you are best at. Hire someone else to do the rest. If you can’t afford a full time person try using a Virtual Assistant (VA) for some tasks. I have begun this process myself using So far so good. For some great advice on working with VA’s check out Tim Ferriss book The 4-hour work week.

Also if you have any advice for outsourcing, let me know!

To your success and joy in business

Coach Jeff