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Within the pages of this site you will find the pathway to mastering how to open your business and create a successful, profitable life, with qualities of a leader you can be proud of. New tools and resources will help you develop a simple business plan, because simple works.

At the heart of 360 Business is a desire to help owners build a solid foundation through the teaching of Christian business principles. We back up these business principles with strategic step-by-step systems to implement them for maximum profits so you not only know how to open a business but also “how to do business” with integrity.

Jeff began his career at Johnson & Wales University in Culinary Arts. With the desire to become a Chef, he was drawn to Asheville and the Biltmore Estate. After 7 years with the Estate, Jeff founded Masterpiece Ice Sculptures, Inc. Masterpiece Ice has become one of the top Ice sculpting companies in Western North Carolina with many other businesses seeking out it’s leadership qualities to replicate in their own businesses.

Ted and me!
Upon selling Masterpiece Ice Sculptures, Jeff is now pursuing his passion with more focus. He has teamed up with The John Maxwell Group as a certified speaker, teacher, and coach and is driven by his desire to add the qualities of a good leader to small businesses through Biblical business principles.

What is 360 Business All About?
One-on-one approach to identify obstacles, challenge thoughts and implement practical solutions to maximize your potential.
Has anyone asked you the HARD questions? Are you challenged by being a Christian Business Owner? What qualities of leadership are necessary to have in order to succeed in business?

Are you looking for someone to challenge your thoughts to make them better and help you implement a simple business plan that works?

Jeff is a master at asking the hard questions… the kind of questions that, when answered, provide you with a place to start your journey to success. Jeffs unique coaching style breaks through the surface layers of the “I can’t” to the deep core obstacles holding you back from identifying the leadership qualities necessary to reaching your true potential. Jeff believes that You Can!
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You have the qualities of great leader inside. With Jeff’s expert help, your unique gifts will be brought to the surface so that you can be your best in all areas of your life and business. With over 14 years of small business experience, failures, and success; Jeff knows what it takes to win in business.

Coaching – is a one-on-one approach to finding out the obstacles holding you back from reaching your potential, then helping you jump over them into the success. You have a special gift that your family, friends, and community are waiting for you to bring to them.
A coach is your accountability partner – When you write down your goals and tell them to someone you are much more likely to reach them. Having a coach is like having a partner in reaching your personal success. Accountability is the key element to reaching your goals.

A coach can help you craft a custom plan for your life and encourage you to follow through with the only element which turns your dream into reality…ACTION.

Coaching is a confidential relationship.