Business Mastery

The 5 areas every entrepreneur must master to win in business.

You are uniquely gifted, charged by unstoppable entrepreneurial creative energy. That is why you have landed on this page. You are looking for answers to so many questions about your business, it has pushed you to search the internet looking for answers. You won’t find all of them here. What you will find are specific strategies, and systems to master the 5 foundational areas every entrepreneur encounters while trying to take an idea and spark it into a blazing fire.

Welcome to 360 Business Inc. Our focus is on the foundational areas all businesses must navigate to succeed.

You are an entrepreneur and have started or are about to start a business. I applaud you for taking control of your future, taking the risks and making the sacrifices to win in your life.

Your unique gifts and talents bring an unmatchable edge to your life. By taking these talents to market as an entrepreneur you intersect naturally with the business world. Therefore you must master the 5 foundational areas of business to dominate your market. In doing so you will establish a clear vision of the future, create wealth (to save, spend and give), enjoy time with loved ones, master repeatable marketing strategies, and live with confident leadership that makes you proud to be alive. It’s what I call:

Business Mastery – The 5 areas every entrepreneur must master to win in business.

Since this may be the first time we have met, Before we get to much further, I would like to give you the opportunity to learn more about me. I was recently asked “What makes you qualified to coach business owners?” if you would like to know, follow this link to get the answer.

The short answer is best said by my friend Josh Wise,

“As an award-winning speaker and John Maxwell-certified coach, Jeff loves nothing more than galvanizing people to realize their true potential through his dynamic teachings. Unwilling to teach merely from theory, Jeff has built his life on the message he brings, and has successfully planned an built three businesses as a proving ground for all he teaches.”

 Now on to mastering your business.

All of my failures have been from denying the facts. A successful business has a specific structure to make it work. I think at some time or another all entrepreneurs want to break free of the chains, blaze a new trail, or clear an uncharted path. For the product or service you provide, this is probably true, your unique gifting and talents will create a product that NO ONE ELSE can compare to. The structure around how you take your product or service to market is not so unique. The most successful businesses operate on the same foundational principles that have been in place since the world was created by God.

 The 5 areas of Business Mastery are:

  1. Creating a Focused Vision
  2. Getting ahold of your Money
  3. Mastering your Time
  4. Executing precise Marketing and Sales
  5. Becoming an Excellent Leader

 If you want answers to the questions asked below, we should work together. (unless you have it all figured out already)

Vision –

  • Do you have a crystal clear picture of your business?
  • Do you know where you want to go and how exactly to get there?
  • Have you defined WHY you want to go there?
  • Are you cluttered by so many creative opportunities you can’t get any momentum?

Money –

  • Do you pay yourself, have retirement started, and health insurance?
  • Do you know what a legitimate business expense is?
  • How do you from a corporation? Should you form a corporation?
  • What’s a P&L, and how can it become your top wealth building tool?
  • Do you operate on a budget and have a plan to become debt free?
  • Do you have problems collecting money from clients?
  • Are you using a time saving money management system like quickbooks?

Time – 

  • Does email eat your day?
  • Do you know the 5 things you must do every week to run your business smoothly?
  • Do you get scheduled time off from your business?
  • Are you enjoying time in your business?
  • Are you enjoying time away from your business?

Marketing/Sales –

  • Hw do you find new clients?
  • Do you have a marketing system that employees can replicate for you creating wealth while you are on vacation? (have you even taken a vacation lately?)
  • What type of marketing matches your personality style? (did you even know this exists)
  • Do you have a detailed client list that is easily accessible for mass marketing to?
  • What specific plan are you following to systematically increase sales?

Leadership – 

  • What type of leader are you?
  • How do you harness your leadership style for maximum momentum in your business?
  • What do others think about your leadership? Are blind spots holding you back?
  • What is your personal growth plan?



  • How would you describe yourself spiritually?
  • Did you know the Bible is the best business and leadership book ever written?

Again, you are unique, but the 5 areas every entrepreneur must master to win in business are nothing new. Stick around my website for help mastering the 5 areas of business.

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