Drowning without Leadership Skills?

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light switchAre concrete boots drowning your potential hindering the development of quality leadership Skills?

How much precious time and energy do you spend thinking about things you SHOULD do?

As an entrepreneur myself, I can imagine your “I should” list is long and eats up a ton of your time. Becoming great in your industry takes learning the leadership skills necessary to push your self to new levels. This post should help.

There are steps you can take to break into a new world. “Should’s” are like concrete boots drowning your future potential. Crippling thoughts and captive emotions flood your mind right after telling yourself you “Should” do something. Joy is not usually present, instead a heavy feeling of obligation.

 As of right now where do your “should’s” stand?

I should write a book

I should start a business

I should make and execute a marketing plan

I should loose weight

I should hire a coach

I should…


“I should” statements are just thoughts. Thoughts, when not acted on, produce self-esteem lowering negativity. On the other hand, confidence builds strongly by taking acting on them and can build your self-esteem.  Building your self-esteem is never a bad thing, the deeper challenge comes with knowing what should’s, should stay on your list. I want to challenge you to “DO” the right things because not every “should” is lined up with the maximum potential you are meant for, thus hindering your leadership development.

I believe having a long list of “should’s” steals focus from important things that will give you the most satisfaction.The thing is, we all have “should’s.” How do we decide whether to keep them or throw them away? It’s a tough decision, such is life, so let’s work through it together.

Here is a personal example.

I used to make furniture as a hobby. After a few years I decided to turn furniture making into a business. I made the business plan and off I went, Forever Built Furniture was born.

It wasn’t long into the furniture business I saw an even better opportunity to start an ice sculpture business. Many of you know sculpting ice became a large Christian business doing hundreds of thousands of dollars per year (you can check out the ice business if you are interested masterpieceice.com).

After starting Masterpiece Ice, furniture making was pushed aside, never to be touched again. The wood-shop laid dormant in the corner of the basement. The hard part was every time I did laundry or worked out in the basement I would see the wood-shop and say, “Man, I really should build something.” This kept me feeling discontent and anxious.

After a few years of beating myself up, feeling like I had a set of concrete boots holding me down; I decided to sell the entire wood-shop. It was not getting used and had become a downer for me. It wasn’t long till I found someone to buy the whole shop (Thank you Charlie)! Selling the wood-shop was heartbreaking at first, but reality told me it was time to let go of the “should’s” of my past to move on to the bright opportunities of my future. I have this dream for you too, look upon the bright opportunities of your future.

As I mentioned above, unfulfilled “should’s” can lower your self esteem and strip energy that can be used to fulfill the purpose of your future.

Here are my thoughts on how to get rid of the mental junk that is holding you back.

Step 1 – Write down your “should’s”

Step 2 – Reflect and ask questions

How long has it been on my list?

Why should I do it?

Is it aligned with the true purpose that is in my heart?

Step 3 – Evaluate

What is the consequence if I NEVER do them? I find when I ask this question, it refines the list to items that will make a difference to more than just me.

Step 4 – Delete

Delete the one’s that don’t make the cut. Get rid of the daily reminders triggering “I should” thoughts.

Step 5Release yourself of old “should’s” to make room to soar to new heights.


How is this relevant to you?

I am not a mindreader but I feel it’s safe to say you have a much longer list of “Should’s” than you have of completed work. “Should’s” can be small and large. My motorcycle sits outside telling me I “should” ride it more, but in reality, do I have the time? Everywhere I travel these days I am either taking stuff with me that won’t fit on the motorcycle or I am taking Henry, my pup with me. Keep it or sell it, that is the question I am wrestling with right now. As for something small, there are a few emails sitting in my inbox that I “should” respond to, but the only thing I really should do is delete them and move on with my life. Just as you should!


Give yourself permission to throw out the “Should’s” that are like concrete boots.

Stick to only what is most impactful and important.

Free your mind and enjoy your time. My advice, let reality speak, and listen to what it says.


Reality will give you all that you need to reach the potential you were made for and master the leadership skills necessary to reach your potential.

If you want help with the “I Should’s” or any part of your business you are always welcomed to give me a call. From mastering your time, to increasing the bottom line I can help. Contact me.


To your Success!

Coach Jeff

Leadership Success is not a Light-switch

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Leadership success is not a light-switch you can turn on and off.

There is a correlation between personal growth and business success.

Small business owners, like us, start out believing business success is a result of a great product. That is true to some degree.

Real success is deeper, because a great product is a result of authentic leadershipcharacter, and integrity.

Leadership, Character, and Integrity cover a large surface area. That being said you can easily see there is much more room to grow in your leadership than in your product.

To make large gains in your business try intentionally growing in one of these three areas first and see what happens. I believe when you grow personally, the rest will follow.

If you don’t know where to start, begin with increasing your leadership. 

So lets talk about leadership for a minute. I need to break the myth you’ve been believing. The myth that there is this magical leadership light-switch you can turn on and off.

Truth: There is no light-switch.

You cannot turn on great leadership at work, and stink at it at home. Detail is the same way. It’s not possible to have a messy car and house, then walk into work, flip the switch to automatically become detailed oriented.

Stop and reflect on that for a moment… How often do you try to be one thing at home and something else at work? It feels like you are about to be ripped apart, like your life is playing tug-o-war and your body is the rope.

Why is this important to you? 

It’s important because you want to be successful. You want to reach your potential and have meaning to your life.

The Solution: Do what great leaders do, follow the lead of other great leaders.

Great leaders grow personally. When you become a new you, you will naturally use it in your business.

Real success starts with your personal leadership.

Its time to be a little selfish by investing in your personal success. Everyone around you will benefit from it.

How can you easily do this?

  1. Read a book.  I recommend anything by John C. Maxwell, Seth Godin, Dan Miller
  2. Listen to podcasts. My favorites are The Dave Ramsey Show, and TWIT, and Andy Stanley
  3. Find a mentor. I have many of them. They are like my own personal specialists. They are all great men. I usually go to each one based on who they are. One man is for business advice, one for spiritual, one for marketing, and one for marriage.
  4. Volunteer for Non-Profit Board. This type of leadership experience will challenge you to new levels in basic leadership, teamwork, and collaboration

Take the lead in your life.

What is leadership? It just means that you go first, you take the initiative to make an impact on your own life first, then it will turn into growth in your business as well.

To your success,

Coach Jeff




3 Keys to Unlocking your Dream Potential

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Your potential is locked up inside. How do I know?

Because I almost guarantee you have recently thought;

    • I should have done this…
    • I had planned to do this but…
    • There was not enough time to…

I too, have been trapped by those thoughts of guilt and dissatisfaction.

That was until I learned the 3 keys and used them to unlock my Dream Potential.

You can use the 3 keys to unlock your potential.

It’s important to learn how to write out your goals and execute them. More importantly, achieving your goals will create overwhelming feelings of joy and satisfaction.

Don’t you want overwhelming joy and satisfaction?

The 3 keys to unlocking your Dream Potential are –

  1. Match the “What with Why” – Match what your dream is, with why you want to do it. If you’re not personally connected to the Dream, its not really yours and you will fail.
  2. Make Room – A common reason people fail to achieve their dreams is for lack of having the “guts to quit” something; throwing out the old and making room for the new.
  3. Make Appointments – You are only 50% likely to achieve your goals if you write them down and tell someone. Might as well flip a coin! But…you are 95 % more likely to achieve your goals when you make specific appointments with someone who will hold you accountable.

You can use these three keys to unlock your dream potential. It’s no secret that you want the euphoria of achieving your Dreams, 360 business has the formula to get you there. 

Coach Jeff

360 Business Inc.