From Rock Star business owners!
Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your journey!


Rebecca Johnson – Eye Train 4 You!

“I first met Jeff when he facilitated the Mastermind class of John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. I particularly enjoyed his style of facilitation as he was able to get everyone involved in open dialogue during our first meeting. After completing the class, I hired Jeff for business coaching and found that he is quite good at this as well. Combine his very successful track record with his honest approach to making his clients the best they can be is why I strongly recommend Jeff Pennypacker and 360 Business.”


Marcus VanWormer – Videographer

“My name is Marcus VanWormer and I’m a freelance videographer/Editor. I met Jeff Pennypacker when he hired me to produce his first promotional video upon launching 360 Business. At that time I knew I had come across someone that had shared the same drive and ambition that I do, which I hadn’t experienced till then…
We met based on a project that merely became the background to what I like to call the beginning of a great business relationship.

I aspire to be the best film editors in the Motion Picture Industry and Jeff has been instrumental in setting this goal for myself. Together we Identified my vision and strategized the practical steps to achieve my goal.
By attending Jeff’s 5 week leadership class, I’ve learned invaluable principles that I will implement throughout the many if not all aspects of my life. It takes more than just a your talent to be successful and thats exactly what Jeff helped me discover. I’m excited to take this journey that 360 Business has paved before me and look forward to the process growing and learning everyday. He not only helped me be successful with my business but more importantly he inspired me to be great, and for that I will be forever grateful. Thank you Jeff!”
Zac 4

Zac Hix – Dynamic Development

I wanted to write you a letter to convey my thanks for helping me grow my businesses. Without your encouragement, direction, nudges, and all out pushes I wouldn’t have had the confidence to develop the skills the God has given me.

You’ve recognized my bad habits and encouraged me to change them even when I tried to hide them. You listened to what I desired for my company and asked probing questions that revealed the true direction I wanted or needed to head. You nudged me to write my goals down then pushed me to meet them.

Long story short you’ve been in step with me as I grew a flooring business into a construction company that has built high profile commercial projects across the mountains. Having so much faith in me that you helped me break into construction by enlisting me to handle the remodel of your house those years ago. Also walking the talk by doing business with those that do business with you.
Your services have been invaluable to me. I look forward to continuing our working, growing relationship. Business coaching is your natural talent just as design/builds are mine. King Soloman wrote in Eccl 2:24 “There is nothing better for a man than to eat and drink and tell himself that his labor is good. This also I have seen that it is from the hand of God.” I’ve tried to expound on his statement but all I have is this… it feels very good to be successful.

One Thousand Thanks,
Zac Hix

Brian Ross – Biltmore Estate

“I have been working with Jeff Pennypacker for many years in the hospitality industry. He has always shown great leadership abilities and more importantly, the ability to teach leadership principles to those looking to grow in this vital area. I enlisted Jeff to work with our junior managers at Biltmore Estate, and through his work, these future managers have gained increased self-awareness and the drive to push further in their careers. They have learned to better communicate, be more productive, and work as a committed team. I am grateful to have Jeff as a resource and look forward to working with him again.”

Asheville Drafting 2

Jerry Heath – Asheville Drafting

“Jeff’s Strategic Brainstorming sessions have been invaluable as I re-invent myself in a down economy. He is great at expanding my thinking and illuminating new possibilities. He challenges what I think I “know” and encourages me to aim higher than I think I can. Exactly what an unplanned, mid-life re-invention calls for. Call Jeff and get moving again

Michael Fahey – Executive Chef

“Jeff has always been a positive and focused business partner. His talents and enthusiasm will continue his success in any business.”

Mark Whitney – Sales Specialist

“The material covered in this class has given me the insight into my personal leadership development. Coming to a class and discussing the material openly allows for a great exchange of thoughts and ideas.”

Matthew Skinner – SharePoint Specialist

“If you want to take your business to the next level then you should talk to Jeff! Jeff is an excellent coach one on one and as a teacher in a group discussion/seminar setting. I love Jeff’s positive energy and problem solving skills. I highly recommend Jeff for business development and leadership training.”

Troy Tolle – Digital Chalk

“Jeff was able to provide real-world examples from his experience in starting and running a business that made the Leadership Laws truly applicable.”

Derrick McCarson – Pastor Liberty Baptist Church

“A Leadership mastermind is a great way to develop yourself as a leader as well as to connect with like-minded people. This class will sharpen your skill set and make you a better leader.”

Jim Burkett – Divine Signs

“Jeff you are truly an R12 kinda MAN. You are truly a GREAT MAN among men in a world where most of us are looking for a better way to live life. Obviously the transformation that has and is taking place in your life is one of GREATNESS. Thank You for providing an opportunity for me and others to learn how to make the choice and improvements towards being Great at whatever we want to be.”

Michael Fuchs – CEO DataBridge

“Short and sweet: You are better off for having known Jeff. He operates in a place of integrity and excellence and knows the value of practical application and purposeful intention. I highly recommend Jeff!”

Ed Tashjian – Tashjian Marketing

“This is long overdue. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation at Daniels last week. I thought the information you provided was simple, straightforward and useful. I decided 3 months ago that I needed people with bigger ideas in my life and your concept of the inner circle hit home.”

Emily Fitchpatrick – On Eagles Wings Ministry

“Thanks to your Goal Setting Class, I FINALLY decided to take control over my schedule. I just made my entire schedule for Feb. and a schedule for the kids (we homeschool) and I feel SOOOO good to have scheduled me “off” time and “family” time. May not be a big deal to some but for a workaholic like me, this is a HUGE deal. Thank you Jeff for helping me to understand it’s OK to say no!”